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  • Insurance Work
  • Accident Damage
  • Full Re-Sprays
  • Scuffs/Scratches
  • Lease Vehicle Return Preparation
  • Alloy Wheel Refurb
  • Tyres Supplied and Fitted
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  • Windscreen Repairs
  • Leather Repairs
  • Interior Repairs
  • Colour Coded Trims
    and Plastics
  • Parking Sensors Colour Matched and fitted
  • Parts Supplied
  • Motorbike Paint Work
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Paint Finish Insurance Work

What you need to know about your Insurance Company, when making a claim.
When phoning your insurance company, they will tell you all kinds of things. So that they get to send your vehicle for repairs to THEIR own repairers just to keep their costs down. sometimes sending your vehicle more than 100 miles away using cheap labour, cheap parts & cheap materials. Should you choose to take their advice. You may not get the quality, care and service you have been sold on the phone. It’s your vehicle, your choice where you have it repaired. By using a trusted, reliable, local repair centre like Paint finish, that has carried out insurance work for all insurance companies over many years of trading, you can rest assured that you will get the highest possible standard of repair and care you deserve and expect. “Don’t just take our word for it” WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE GREAT INSURANCE MIS-SELL THEN GO TO- THE DAILY TELEGRAPH- WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK/MOTORING/2736960/bANG-TO-RIGHTS.HTML
Q & A
A = Insurance Company. B= Paint finish.
1. Will I have to pay all my excess charges ?
A= Yes unless your claiming from a 3rd party.
B= NO. We can help towards your excess, sometimes we can waiver all these fees.
2. Will my repairs be guaranteed ? What happens if I change Insurance companies ?
A= Yes, usually for 12 mths unless you change Insurance companies then you may lose any guarantee. As most Insurance companies are unwilling to help you should you leave their services.
B= Yes. All our work is guaranteed for 3 years, with the customer NOT the insurance company. Should any problems arise within 3 years, we will put it right. FREE OF CHARGE !
3. Do I get a free courtesy car ?
A= You would need to check your policy.
B= Yes in most cases, a brand new courtesy car will be provided.
4. What happens if my vehicle is returned & I’m not happy with the work?
A= You would have to contact the call centre, arrangements made for your vehicle to be sent away again. You would not be able to deal direct with the Repair Centre.
B= We are always here to help & discuss any issues you may have and will always correct any problems should they arise.
5. What do they mean, when they say Insurance Approved ?
A= Its a term used by Insurance Call Centres, to scare you into using one of their own repair centres, where they can dictate the cost, often resulting in cheap repairs, labour & parts.“ASK THEM SEND IT IN WRITING, IF YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT THEY TELL YOU BY PHONE.” You will most definitely find that they will soon back track on the word APPROVED !
B= Paint Finish are members of the FSB & only use manufactures approved materials & parts.



Had a Accident, not your fault, Just one quick phone call to Paint Finish and we can manage all the calls and paperwork for you at NO cost to yourself ..... its that simple..... you will also get all the benefits and help you need why your car is off the road..... again at NO cost to yourself..... you will deal with the same person, not someone in a call centre who doesn't understand your needs. All managed by us. Remember "Lets Keep It Local" and get the service you deserve....